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    pass loot

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    pass loot Empty pass loot

    Post by [WAL]kalgicrulz9000 on Mon Jul 05, 2010 8:59 pm

    ok there is more than one way to use "Passloot" addon! im going to teach you about 2 of them!

    1: hit "Esc" on the keybored then go to "Interface" look for the "Addons" tab then click on "Passloot" hit "ADD" 6 times then in the rows check the boxes like this

    row1: n/a
    row2: need
    row 3: DE
    row 4: Greed
    row 5: pass
    row 6: all 4 of them
    then click on "Temp Description" for all 6 hit "cinfirm BOP" then hit okay and go farm!

    way 2 is like this

    2: hit add 6 times for the first 5 hit "Need" then for the 6th row hit "pass" name the "Temp Description" as the gems EXAMPLE!! /// Lifegiving Gem of Amanthel \\\
    NOTE!!! caps DO matter!! spell it EXACTLY like it is (i find it easy to copy and past)
    CRTL+A Highlight CRTL+C copy CRTL+V paste

    once the first 5 are named the gems nuwa stone and the pots name the 6th(the one checkd pass) Junk. DONT PUT A "CONFIRM BOP" ON IT!!!!!
    once the first 5 are named were you found the (confirm BOP) scroll down and hit "Item name" and name it the same thing as the "Temp Description" then go farming!

    IF this didnt work for the 2nd one ask "masshunter" he told me about it

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