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    bye bye


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    bye bye  Empty bye bye

    Post by kalgic on Wed Jun 23, 2010 12:27 am

    i MIGHT not be on for a while due to my internet being DCd bye bye  Icon_sad bye bye  Icon_sad

    but I WILL RETURN!! (for thosue of u disapointed ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE NOOB!!!) bye bye  Affraid bye bye  Affraid

    anyways IF im gone Angledeath will be in charge!!

    PS: on the 29th on july ill be moveing to my grandfathers! so i MIGHT not be on then eather bye bye  Icon_exclaim bye bye  Icon_exclaim bye bye  Icon_exclaim if that is true then once agaion Angledeath will be in change bye bye  Icon_exclaim bye bye  Icon_exclaim

    PPS: the reason for the new account is because i forgot my password and i cant send the info to my E-mail bye bye  Icon_evil that needs to be fixed bye bye  Icon_twisted

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    bye bye  Empty Re: bye bye

    Post by [WAL]AngelDeath on Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:04 am

    and sorry for MY inactive-ness...

    im accually gonna be on alot more, ive just been getting lazy, and have been working on my own server.

    but ill come on! Very Happy

    bye bye  Alt-1
    bye bye  Alexssig

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