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    Staff postistions explained

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    Staff postistions explained Empty Staff postistions explained

    Post by [WAL]Heavens on Sat Jun 05, 2010 12:04 pm

    This will hopefully help you out on understanding on what ever postpositions supposed to be

    The gfx team is in control of graphics this goes with making signatures making banners etc.

    The Moderator team is in control of one section and they have the same rights as us they can ban you and delete your posts if they are against the rules.

    The global mod team will moderate the whole forums making sure everything is going right. Also same features as mod but the whole forums they can mod

    The support team will be in charge of helping people out in any cases we will be looking for peoples skills and a good understanding of the game and forums.

    The higher ranks are Head admin and administrator The head admin is the guild leader whatever he says goes. The administrator also has control over what goes. Don't think of them differently they make the final decisions. Give them respect

    The forum owner/ creator: this would be me the one who coded the forums for you all Smile I am still making adjustments to the forums but I am under the head admin what he says goes. I am also the one who will give you staff spots now I must be told by the head admin or just the administrators to give who the staff positions to.

    I hope this helped sort out the staffs positions and what they do

    Have a nice day
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